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Looking for PGA Golf instruction in New York City? Let Rick Nielsen, PGA. GSEM, create a customized golf instruction plan that meets your goals.

Beginner Golf Lessons


Beginner Golf Lessons

Lynellen Nielsen

Where should the beginner start? How should they start? I think there are many answers to these questions. What course of action should the teacher use to get the beginner to  improve the fastest?

I think for new golfers it is important to know if they have played other sports. Also I'll ask the type of hobbies and even what a student does for a living. The answers to these  questions help me design the type of approach I will use to best maximize the learning process. Some students want to know all that is involved with the swing yet some just want to be told what to do.

Skipping a couple steps like grip and other set-up things, let’s talk about swinging. How do you teach someone how to learn the swing? Do you start at impact? Do you start with small swings near the green or do you teach total motion?

I make the decision after I see them do what comes naturally. Usually, I try to teach them a combination of what impact should be like and how to learn how to feel the clubhead and clubface. Most beginners need to learn how to learn the golf swing. I strive for freedom, rotation and speed. If those things are going well, I move onto impact and the shape of the swing.

It constantly changes based on the natural ability of the student. I need to let them be who they are and let their swing speak to that.

Even after taking only a couple swings, when you ask a beginner to reroute something, they can say that it feels awkward or unnatural. Use this feel to its fullest because it is a strong sensation that will stay with them forever.

There is so much information that a beginner needs. If they do any of it naturally, let them know. Tell them, show them what they are doing. They will be the most maleable in the beginning and if you can start them off right, the future will go wherever their desire and talent can take them.