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Looking for PGA Golf instruction in New York City? Let Rick Nielsen, PGA. GSEM, create a customized golf instruction plan that meets your goals.


Three tips to get ready for golf season

Lynellen Nielsen

1) GET A GRIP - Three key checks to make sure you have a proper grip:

  • The line between your thumb and index finger of your left hand should be pointed toward your right shoulder
  • the club should be placed under your top hand heel pad
  • Hold the club with the last three fingers of your top hand

2) PRO POSTURE - Winter inactivity leads to poor golf posture. Follow these steps to get back in form:

  • Bend from your hip sockets, not your waist
  • Be sure to keep your back relatively straight
  • Your body weight should be under the balls of your feet, not your heels

3) SWING SMALL - Smaller swings are better for your first bucket of the season

  • Use a lofted club like a 9 iron or a wedge works great
  • Start with half swings - waist high to waist high
  • Be sure to use your pivot to move your arms
  • Hold your finish and maintain your balance

We are always happy to start you off with a pre-season tune-up. Schedule online or call 631.428.4653 for more info.